Introduction to our Family


Here is a little to our family introduction.

Jay & wife Carol are joined by their daughters Darralyn and Charlene and their families in creating this amazing web site.

Jay plays a key role in the Pitcairn community and wears several hats, he is the Director of Bio-Security in our Conservation Environment and Supervising Engineer. He is also one of the Coxswains for our Longboats.

Carol is head of department in cleaning and contracts but is happiest when she is up on the hills tending to her gardens and have grown some delectable vegetables over the years.

We also have two sons, Ron an Electrician living in New Zealand and Dean
a Captain on a Super Yacht, he lives in the United States of America. 

To date we have a total of nine Grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Darralyn is working in the Pitcairn Health Centre as a Community Enrolled Nurse and husband Turi (from Cook Islands but born and raised in New Zealand) is a handy man and does many different jobs around the island to help keep it beautiful.

Charlene is the Assistant Postmaster. Her partner Vaine (from the Cook Islands) is a qualified Electrician, they have five lovely children, Ralph, Jayden, Kimiora, Torika & Cushana.

Ralph is in New Zealand and he has a beautiful little boy called Asher (Age 3).
Jayden & Kimiora has returned from college and is spending some time at home before persuding a career.
Torika is attending
Longburn Adventist College a boarding School in New Zealand.
Cushana is the only child in our family on Pitcairn.

Thank you for vewing our website and we hope you enjoy our web pages.
We hope to add more pictures to make it enjoyable and exciting.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions -
we welcome any contacts.